What is

Lambda Bridge Pool

Provide unlimited storage capabilities

the Bridge Pool that is hatched by the Lambda foundation

Lambda is a high-speed, secure and scalable blockchain infrastructure project. Through the logical decoupling and separate implementation of Lambda Chain and Lambda DB, we provide infinitely scalable data storage capabilities to decentralized applications and achieve Multi-chain data cooperative storage, cross-chain data management, data privacy protection, data ownership proof, distributed intelligent computing and other services. Additionally, as the underlying service of blockchain, Lambda Chain provides millions of requests per second (RPS) through Sharding technology, which can grow as the scale of the system expands; and it also offers technology service capabilities for future unlimited expansion through sub-chain technology.

What do we do for

EOS community

Lambda Chain

An isomorphic multi-chain system Lambda Chain, providing high TPS access capabilities, Turing-complete smart contracts, cross-chain trading capabilities, etc.

Lambda P2P

A p2p network system Lambda p2p, providing network layer addressability

Lambda DB

A multi-database cluster system Lambda DB, providing unlimited encrypted secure data storage

Lambda DB Infrastructure

A Lambda DB underlying infrastructure supporting system, including a block storage system and a distributed file system Lambda FS

Lambda ABE

An attribute-based encryption authentication access system composed of multi-node consensus Lambda ABE, the access control gateways to databases

Lambda TPA

A data integrity verification group consisting of multiple verifier nodes Lambda TPA Chain

Providing services for EOS DAPP

Provide unlimited storage capabilities for EOS DAPP